7 Stories


7 storytellers, 7 real stories

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the in-person 7 Stories events have been suspended. The program continues bringing you wonderful and true stories live online and on our YouTube channel.


WHAT:  an evening of storytelling

WHEN:  March 26, 2021

WHERE: Live Reading Online & on YouTube after event



7 Stories is a night of storytelling to celebrate our communities' rich cultural heritage. Stories tell us more about our friends and neighbors.

Each 7 Stories evening will have a theme. storytellers will be chosen in advance to tell real stories from real life, not fables or fiction.

These life stories may be mesmerizing, raw, powerful, or humorous. This is not theater, but true life stories told by friends, acquaintances, and strangers.

Storytellers are encouraged to use the language they feel most comfortable with.* Stories will be memorized and told from the heart. The hosts for the evening will introduce each story with a short bio of the teller. There will be an intermission after the 4th speaker, with free tea, coffee, and cookies.


#1 Lost and Found, Feb. 28

#2 Second Chances, May, 2020, online

#3 Kindness of Strangers, online

#4 How Did I Get Here?

#5 My First Crush

#6 When I Was a Kid…

Parents should use discretion when deciding whether to include children.

Not all stories will be appropriate for young listeners.

*We can help coordinate the logistics of a 2-person bilingual story. Storytellers can apply through a very short application process.

Community Partners:

Highline Heritage Museum       Burien Arts Association       Burien Culture Hub

If you would like to tell your story at one of the 7 Stories events, fill and submit the form below: