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Who hasn’t been moved by a powerful or funny story?

7 STORIES is a local program of storytelling from the heart. Stories unite us as a community. As we share our true stories on the theme of “Second Chances” during this time of the Coronavirus, we feel empathy for each other.  We also celebrate our challenges, triumphs, and our diversity. 

The Rocky Horror Show Review

Before I begin my review of the Burien Actors Theatre’s (BAT) rendition of The Rocky Horror Show, I feel it necessary to discuss some of the history of the show, because to the uninitiated it isn’t just your run-of-the-mill musical. So let me preface this review by briefly delving into the history of the show and why it continues to be such an iconic piece of pop culture throughout the world since its creation.

Come do The Time Warp again with Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show at Burien Actors Theatre

Poster for The Rocky Horror Show

Burien Actors Theatre’s (“BAT”) production of Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show, an outrageous musical comedy, is a party that encourages audience participation, as well as a send-up of sexual awakening and sci-fi/horror genres.

Performances are Feb. 21 through March 22.

BAT’s production features specialty drinks themed to the show and plenty of free on-site parking, plus BAT’s famous opening night party.

La Posada at Highline Heritage Museum

La Posada

December 8th, 2019
4-6 pm
Highline Heritage Museum
819 SW 152nd Street

Una tradicion en México durante la época navideña para toda la familia! Presentando una exhibicion de arte especial y un mini-pop up mercado con la participacion de Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery y Para los Niños.

La Posada:
Community procession, singing and pinata!
Art exhibit by Nepantla Cultural Gallery
Pop Up Market (Local Latino Artists)
Folk Dance Youth Group:Las Joyas Mestizas

Comedy The Christmas Spirit at Burien Actors Theatre looks at what is really important

Show Poster - Christmas tree in a grave, with red ribbon tied around headstone

Burien Actors Theatre’s (“BAT”) production of the comedy The Christmas Spirit is a touching and hilarious look at what makes life worth living.

Performances of this play run Nov. 29 through Dec. 22.

The Burien Actors Theatre production, written by Frederick Stroppel, features specialty drinks themed to the show and plenty of free on-site parking, plus BAT’s famous opening night party.

"Native Gardens" Review

Native Gardens

Have you ever had a border dispute with a neighbor? Was it over yard mess, encroaching plant life, or was it about the location of a property line?

These neighborly disputes are the backdrop for Native Gardens, the very funny comedy kicking off BAT’s 40th season! Native Gardens begins by introducing two couples; Pablo and Tania Del Valle (played by Jesse Calixto and Ashley Salazar), new homeowners from out of town, and their next door neighbors Frank and Virginia Butley (played by John Murray and Connie Murray).

King Henry IV in the Park, August 3

King Henry IV

Burien Arts is pleased to present Shakespeare in the Park 2019, opening with Henry IV, Part 2, produced and directed by Greenstage.

When: Saturday, August 3, at 7:00 PM

Where: Lake Burien School Memorial Park, 1620 SW 149th St, Burien. Bring your lawn chairs or blanket and picnic. Restrooms and children’s play equipment are available. Cost: Free. Donations to Burien Arts appreciated.

Hyperlocal Burien 5 - 7 minute Short Film Contest

Burien Film Festival was founded on the Hyperlocal Burien 5-7 minute Short film contest. It celebrates Burien neighborhoods and businesses, giving film-makers creative license to fill in the rest, with a couple of required elements to include.

  • 5 - 7 minutes maximum
  • At least one local business from your neighborhood, or business nearby, must be included (exterior is accepted).
  • What is your Burien story?

— Creative documentary short film

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Burien Actors Theatre is taking it to the parks with comedy “The Importance of Being Earnest”

This hilarious, family-friendly adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s farce has fictitious personas, romantic proposals, and the big shoulders of the 1980s.

BAT (Burien Actors Theatre) is taking it to the streets (well, the parks anyway) with a beautiful adapation by Rachel Rene of the family-friendly comedy The Importance of Being Earnest. Set in 1985 with all of the big hair and Valley Girl charm that goes with that, this show will make you laugh out loud.